Individual coaching


Coaching is a conversation which uncovers learning and leads to action, a thought provoking and creative process which enables people to transform their thinking, make powerful choices and unlock their potential for fulfilment.


Coaching can bring many benefits, including fresh thinking about challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, increased confidence and improved relationships. Individuals who undertake coaching see big improvements in productivity, reaching their goals, and their satisfaction with life and work.

It is the coach’s job to:

Ask powerful questions, and listen to, discover and clarify what the client wants to achieve

Encourage client self-discovery

Unlock the skills and creativity which the client already possesses

Hold the client responsible and accountable

It is not the coach’s job to judge, instruct or advise.



Individuals choose to work with a coach for many different reasons, such as:

Low confidence

A desire to accelerate results

A lack of clarity about decisions and direction

Work and life are out of balance, creating problems

Core strengths need to be identified



I provide coaching in face-to-face sessions, or by telephone. I have a creative and pragmatic approach, based on experience as well as theory.

The coaching process works through a powerful and unique alliance between you and your coach, designed to inspire and stretch your creativity and potential.

Each client has unique requirements, and each coaching programme will be tailored to reflect that. However, there are three core principles which underpin my coaching:

All coaching starts with the belief that the client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole – absolutely capable of finding their own answers. 

During the coaching sessions goals and commitments are developed and refined; between sessions, the client works to achieve these, with reviews and support from the coach.

Relevant models, tools and texts will be introduced as appropriate during the programme.

To book a complimentary session, or to find out more about working together, please get in touch.